Colors as your language

Do you know how to speak in colors or do you just imitate how others speak?

Like the way you learn to speak the language that your parents teach you or learn by listening, the first colors we use are the ones we have at our disposal: Maybe you started with a 6-color box, when you grew up you discovered that there were boxes of 12 and 24 colors and then if you are into this, the boxes of 36 or 64 colors were all a desire to own. Now that you are an illustrator or designer you know something about colors … but or surprise you still use the basic color palette of Illustrator or the software you use.

Colors as a way of learning

It is important to be interdisciplinary, not only focus on a single topic but also cover different topics and areas that help you enrich your knowledge and thus explore different angles to face a problem and find a design solution.

Learn from others

Like other fields of learning, for example music, it is important to learn from others, who have already found solutions and developed techniques and works that will help us learn their own language of colors. This part is a bit more academic, because you can learn from great artists and designers and how they used or use colors.

Play to create

Since you have started in the world of colors, it is time for the fun part: create your own language, your own colors!

Discovering yourself

Forget what you already know and start from scratch, like a child learning a new language. Discover new colors and create new colors. Really discover what your favorite color is (it has nothing to do with the colors you use in your clothes).So



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